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Wax/Oil burning aroma lamp

Wax/Oil burning aroma lamp


(3 customer reviews)
Brand Tabiz
Colour Multicolor
Weight 620 gm
Material Glass
Special feature Adjustable
Dimensions 20.8 x 16.2 x 15.8 cm
SKU: REF. LA-2181 Category:

Introducing Wax/oil burning aroma lamps from Tabiz. This unique accessory not only luxurious for your home but also heals you mentally through Aromatherapy. It is now scientifically proven that certain scents potentially reduce anxiety, Improve sleep, boost immune system and even helps in pain relief.

Elevate Your Home Ambiance with Tabiz Aroma Lamp
Discover the perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and tranquility with the Tabiz Touch Sensitive Aroma Lamp. Designed to enhance your living space, this exquisite lamp not only purifies the air but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Stunning Firework Effect Design
The Tabiz Aroma Lamp boasts a mesmerizing 3D firework effect that creates a captivating visual display. The intricate design projects beautiful patterns of light, transforming your home into a serene oasis. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or office, this lamp is sure to be a conversation starter and a piece of art in its own right.

Touch-Sensitive Control
Experience the convenience of modern technology with the touch-sensitive control feature. Easily adjust the brightness of the lamp to suit your mood and setting with a simple touch. The dimmable functionality allows for a customized lighting experience, from a soft, ambient glow to bright illumination.

Aromatherapy Benefits
Enhance your well-being with the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. The Tabiz Aroma Lamp is compatible with a variety of essential oils and wax melts, allowing you to fill your space with delightful, calming scents. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or wax melt to the dish, and let the gentle heat disperse the fragrance throughout the room, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Superior Quality and Safety
Crafted from high-quality materials, the Tabiz Aroma Lamp is built to last. The glass cover is easy to clean, ensuring that your lamp always looks pristine. Safety is a priority, with a design that remains cool to the touch and an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating.

Perfect Gift Idea
The Tabiz Aroma Lamp makes an ideal gift for any occasion. Its stylish design and practical benefits make it a thoughtful present for friends, family, or colleagues. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or housewarmings, this aroma lamp is sure to delight and impress.

Key Features

  • Elegant Design
    Stunning 3D firework effect adds a touch of luxury to any space.
  • Touch-Sensitive Control
    Easily adjust brightness with a simple touch.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits
    Compatible with essential oils and wax melts for a calming, fragrant environment.
  • High-Quality Materials
    Durable, easy-to-clean glass cover.
  • Safety First
    Cool to the touch with an automatic shut-off feature.
  • Perfect Gift
    Ideal for any occasion, adding style and function to any home.

Transform Your Space Today

Bring a sense of serenity and style to your home with the Tabiz Touch Sensitive Aroma Lamp. Elevate your everyday living with the perfect combination of light and fragrance. Order yours today and experience the magic of Tabiz.


Enhance your home decor and well-being with the Tabiz Aroma Lamp – where elegance meets tranquility.


3 reviews for Wax/Oil burning aroma lamp

  1. AJ

    Bought this for a friend and was amazed at the beautiful colours it displayed, it really lights up. Comes with a spare bulb also. I bought her wax melts from ASDA (was in a rush) and these smell so good. She is very happy with it and now I want one 😍

  2. George

    Great heat lamp and so much cheaper than any other company that uses these and sells them for an extortionate price. 🫢
    It’s easy to replace bulbs, comes with a spare one.
    Smells gorgeous with the wax melts and the glass vase part is so pretty it’s unreal. I bought two! 🥰 One for my and one for my daughter. That’s how impressed I am.

  3. Jacob

    Wax takes a while to melt, but smells amazing when it does. Its lovely !!

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